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Medieval tech support

Posted by Nathaniel on September 12, 2007

This seems like an excellent way to kick off a blog on information and technology from Norwegian comedy duo Øystein & Meg (Øystein and Me). Unless you actually speak Norwegian (which I don’t either), please don’t get angry at the subtitles. It’s very funny.


13 Responses to “Medieval tech support”

  1. Krishna said

    This is very, very funny, Nathaniel, and resonates quite poignantly for one such as me: a self-described techno-peasant!

    Great, great work!


  2. Maureen said

    Nathaniel – I loved it!!
    You’re blog is excellent – I will be dropping by for some of your “expert” instruction.

  3. nstone said

    Krishna – Shukriya, yaar 😉

    Maureen – Thank you for the kind words! Expert in what though? Norwegian Youtube extracts?

    If I may make one suggestion, it would be to fill in the URL field with your blog’s address when leaving a comment. That way I can go see your site too. Cheers.

  4. brianc said

    This video is destined to become a classic. It’s a good reminder that technology has always been advancing and that it can be difficult for people to adapt. Personally, I’m impressed that you were able to integrate a YouTube video directly into your blog. For those of us who feel like peasants, it seems like magic!

  5. mjecclestone said

    Although witty and poignant, any programmer will tell you that this is an improper analogy!
    Hahaha, luckily I am not a programmer. I think it’s great.

  6. nstone said

    Brianc – Anyone can do it. You just have you know where to go for the instructions, or ask me.

    Meg – Well perhaps those people have lost touch with the people for whom they supposedly program and that’s one of the things the video demonstrates. Or maybe they just need to lighten up. You tell me. I don’t know them.

  7. Krishna said

    Koee baat nuhee, but do I have a blog? Seriously, do I?

  8. Krishna said

    Oops. I now see that your comment in respect of blogs and urls was intended for one “Maureen” and not me. Oh, the Krishna Show continues on.


  9. Monique said

    Hilarious! Thanks, Nathaniel. Stole your counter code last night. 8)

  10. Michele said

    Hi Nathaniel,

    What an informative – and fun – blog. You’re making us newbies look more green than Kermit the Frog.



  11. Judy said

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a YouTube clip that both my kids would love equally – the one in Computer Engineering and the Medievalist – thanks for the contribution to family harmony! Lots of laughs all around!

  12. Nathaniel said

    Thanks, ya’ll!

  13. Wahoo said

    Thank you for sharing!

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