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Koha Evaluation – Conclusion

Posted by Nathaniel on November 7, 2007

After reviewing the features and issues in the potential implementation of Koha, its adoption by the five libraries would be favourable. It presents all of the features they would require to maintain shared resources for all potential users across the country. It also meets six important criteria in accordance with Boss’ evaluation. The amalgam also has experienced IT staff to establish and maintain the catalogue – this, together with a number of dedicated volunteers to help migrate the records. This would take a fair amount of coordination between the library and IT staff of the five ASOs, but that would likely be the case regardless of the solution.

That said, a new system for such an important program should not be implemented without some amount of caution. It would be advisable to set up a pilot program in which the resources of two libraries be migrated into Koha for a period of three months, while the libraries maintain their in-house catalogues. This would allow staff to grow accustomed to the program (so they can educate their colleagues later), and technical difficulties to be worked through. If successful, libraries could be added incrementally until all five collections function successfully within the framework. At this point, they could discard their individual systems in favour of a fully functional and integrated library system using the Koha ILS.


27 Responses to “Koha Evaluation – Conclusion”

  1. Thomas said

    Good conclusion Nathaniel! Your post is a “Koha” to the internet. Hahaha.

  2. Ryan S said

    I agree, Nathaniel most libraries should not perform a full scale migration to KOHA. However, there are clear advantages to doing so such as flexibility, costs. I also examined the fact that there has not yet been a large public library to use KOHA, so its performance on a larger scale is still unknown.

  3. Kate said

    Testing out any system is a must — I’ve seen so many people jump (somewhat) blindly into new(er) library software and the staff just hates it.

  4. Eshe said

    It seems that most people liked Koha but it was not necessarily necessary to their library. I think trial periods are a wonderful thing.

  5. sarah said

    i like your cautionary yet positive attitude towards this software. i agree that sometimes people get excited about a new program’s potential and dive in when they should be slowly dipping their toes in the water.

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