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Librarian mating rituals

Posted by Nathaniel on September 13, 2007

Why does no one leave their website in the comments? How do I know how to find you and return your snippy little comments and sign you up for comment spam services? The friends who left comments because I guilted them by telling them that more comments = higher marks have an excuse. But not you people taking a course in using technology to share information. Unclean! Unclean!

As punishment I give you a glimpse of your future librarionic life, supplied by fellow 1311er Meg. Hahahahahahaha! It’s much funnier if you’ve seen the movie March of the Penguins so don’t yell at me if you just think it’s weird. It’s not. It’s mildly amusing in a chuckly kind of way. Go rent the movie and then come back and watch this. And then you’ll totally snicker.


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